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He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward him for what he has done. Proverbs 19:17
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Doors of Hope
Doors of Hope - is in memory of my late sister Audrey. For many years she dedicated her life to Compassionate Friends after the loss of her two sons. She gave hope to many families, who grieved due to the loss of their children. Although this site seems to deal primarily with the troubled side of life, it is my hope that those who have, or are going through difficult times will find a measure of true hope and healing.

Who Are We

I am Tony a semi-retired business man who doesn't know what semi-retirement means. But I suppose that is true for many "retired" folk.  My dictionary gives these definition amongst others - to withdraw - to go into seclusion - to withdraw from active life. None of these definitions seem to adequately describe what I see many retired people do.

Life for many of us has been a great Journey of valleys and mountain tops. The valleys when we came close to despair, the mountains tops when life exhilarated us.

I believe those who are "retired" or anticipate "retirement" have a tremendous GIFT to share  -  THE GIFT OF YOURSELF!

As you browse this web-site you will become aware of the tremendous need in your own community. I challenge you that you would share yourself with someone who needs a hand up. Don't go into seclusion - don't withdraw GIVE YOURSELF AWAY!

Most of the information you find on the website was drawn from my 17 years of working as a volunteer with the RCMP Victim Service Unit doing crisis intervention work in Prince George, my home town.


The purpose of this site is to focus on the needs of our communities, locally here in Prince George and at large. It is my prayer that these pages will reflect the attempt to put meaning in the lives of those who are in crisis and need to connect with someone who cares.  It is my hope that this site will do some of this and please ............. GO!


To know where my heart is go to Journey of Hope


Journey of Hope


Through Journey of Hope we will provide Information on Support Groups, Workshops, Seminars & Your Stories.

Hope is a Journey, in fact a life long journey. Without hope we would certainly despair. As the shape of the above title curves, so do our lives. We go from mountain top to valleys to mountain tops. It is when we are caught and constantly drawn down into a valley of despair we can be overcome. Then through the mist we reach out and grasp the hand of the one reaching out to you. Who is the one who has extended that hand? Well God uses different means, but mostly he uses ordinary people who put words into action. Love in action gives Hope.


Enter Journey of Hope

If you have any questions please send me an e-mail at
tony@doorsofhope.  com

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